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Areapulse is a product that provide clients with a detailed report about the market in their area. It was originally not user-friendly on mobile and very boring with lots of data and information that the users may not need. As a team of three, we were tasked to redesign and prototype a different interface that will share data and information seamlessly. 


It was very important that we study the original Areapulse report. We also studied other market reports designed our competitors and took note detailed notes of what they did. We needed to figure out what features were important and which were not as important to display on the report. We did this by conducting interviews and surveys.

Simple Mockup Free Scene.png
Iphone Mockup 2.png

Data Hierarchy

From our research we were able to conclude which data was the most important to our users. We used personas to better identify the users and the flow of this product. We sketched out designs and ideas and played around with different variations. Then we created wireframes and tested out scenarios among other departments in our office as well as families and friends.

Market Report - Preferences.png

Testing and Improving

We gave the product to a potential customer to test. Every week, we discussed improvements and made changes to the design. We received multiple request to change the color of the report to match the customer's company branding guide. To solve this problem we created a settings dashboard that allowed the users to individualize their reports such as colors, title, and more.

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