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BrivityGo App


Lead Designer/Manager


Jan 2021 - Ongoing

Brivity Go connects the client and realeaste agent to ensure a successful home search journey. Especially compatible on a phone, Brivity GO empowers real estate agents and administrators with access to the Brivity platform from anywhere. 

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Problem Statement and Scope

With limitations, the original Brivity Go was not designed to function on a mobile phone. The goal is to design a fully functioning app that will empower users from anywhere.

Problem Statement:

Brivity Go was not designed to function on a mobile phone.


Phone app

Leading Indicators:


Implementing Designs

One of our most complex and highly used blocks was our header block. This is the block that launched our design process. After testing our settings, we figured out the settings that we want our clients to control and those that we do not want them to control. It's important for us to allow some restrictions in the functionality of the blocks because we have to take into consideration MLS requirements as well as the inability to design something awful. Once the block has been designed, we moved on to creating the settings, keeping in mind the overall look of what our settings should be. 

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Testing and Improving

Through our QA and ticketing system, we are able to find improvements and much needed attention to design elements. When we are notified of an issue weather it be design issue or settings issue, we test the issue again to make sure we can identify the issue, collaborate a solution with the team, communicate the solution when the development team, provide them with necessary assets to complete the changes and test and retest. A phase two will be implemented and change all blocks to new system settings block.

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