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Lead Designer/Manager


Jan 2021-Ongoing


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Problem Statement and Scope

The current search was ineffective and doesn't provide enough leads for real estate agents to succeed. Goal is to improve number of leads generated through search.

Problem Statement:

We are not getting enough leads through our current search system.


Property Search Page

Leading Indicators:

Number of leads generated from search

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We conducted comparative analysis on our competitors: Zillow, Redfin, and Homie. By conducting competitive analysis, what we want to keep and what we wanted to improve on. One thing that we found on Redin was the ability to scroll through images on the search results page without having to click in. Which seemed like a more engaging interface. Another feature that most of our competitor had was a like/save button that would save properties to the users account. This allowed the user to create a free account which required a login and therefore helps us create a new lead. We also found that most of our competitors allowed users to pre-filter their results. Whereas our site required the user to do a general search by place before they could filter by bedrooms, bath or price. We felt by adding that feature it would allow us to provide more meaningful results quicker which would then keep customers searching on our sites as opposed to getting frustrated and going to other search competitors.

We also reviewed all of our internal pages for the search flow to find any places where we could add a call to action to sign up for a free account which would help us generate leads. A few places I found was the photo gallery and the property landing page neither of which had anything that would require a user to login.


While investigating the current functionality of the search page we identified that the initial search did not allow user to identify filters. This required users to do a general search of an area before they can narrow  down the results. this meant that the first search was almost always irrelevant. having a relevant search experience will allow users to stay on the site rather than head to another competitor site. Our first idea was to improve this by adding filters upfront to provide more relevant results sooner.

One contribution I made was to hide some of the additional content such as recently sold homes in the area where we would show them the first two but blur out the third one. This provided an opportunity for the user to click to review additional home sold if they signed up for a free account.

Another contribution I made was to simplify the onboarding process for a home value report. by reordering the steps it allow us to peaked their interest enough to complete their registration.


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