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SiteBuilder Settings


Lead Designer


Oct 2018-March 2019

Blueroof360 has their own site builder similar to Wix, Squarespace, and Wordpress. There are many website builders out there however, we feel like the SiteBuilder is unique and different because of its current features. This project was focusing on settings to allow our clients to customize their own websites without the need of our design and engineering teams to write custom code for them. 


Problem Statement and Scope

Originally there was very little customization available which resulted in a large amount of tickets for our design and engineering teams to implement custom code. Our goal was to provide the user with settings to allow them to customize and build a great user experience without needing to worry about custom code. This in turn would reduce the number of tickets that needed to be handled by our teams.

Problem Statement:

We needed to implement more customization that client can do on their own to reduce the number of tickets requiring custom code.


Customization settings for blocks in the sitebuilder

Leading Indicators:

The number of tickets

iMac Desktop Mockup1.png


For our research we had to go through individual blocks and define settings for each of them. It was important for us to allow some restrictions in the customization of the blocks because we have to take into consideration MLS requirements as well as the inability to design something awful.

One of our most complex and highly used blocks was our header block. This is the block that launched our design process. Based on tickets that we have received in the past for customization to the header, we were able to identify a number of customizations that would reduce the amount of custom code we needed. For example allowing a client to choose between a static image, a video or an image carousel, and depending on their selection providing additional settings such as opacity or number of images in the carousel. We continued to review each block and define the settings that would reduce the number of tickets for custom code until we felt we had a comprehensive list of settings for each block.  


Implementing Design

Through our QA and ticketing system, we are able to find improvements and much needed attention to design elements. When we are notified of an issue weather it be design issue or settings issue, we test the issue again to make sure we can identify the issue, collaborate a solution with the team, communicate the solution when the development team, provide them with necessary assets to complete the changes and test and retest. A phase two will be implemented and change all blocks to new system settings block.

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